About Tyutor

Tyutor was a great idea connecting students with technology so that it was fun for students and allowed teachers to better understand the student's progress. This idea was made such that both student and teachers are better connected with the technology.

Requirement gathering

We at AppZo focus on the point that we should deliver exactly what the client is expecting. And requirement gathering is the most important step in this. We try to bring all the aspects of an application including the future possibilities of the application such that we can have the things in our hands whenever there is a time for an upgrade.

Core development

Core development started with designing the architecture of the product. This involved one of the complex features like video conferencing, whiteboard writing, etc. We also made sure that the core technologies used in the development are more efficient and highly scalable for future upgrades. Most of the architecture was made using things keeping in mind like security, etc. This was a fun project and we had a great experience working on this project.


Sooraj Kumar




May 28, 2021