Changing definition of freshness

We might have been shopping for groceries online for quite a long time. So, This project might seem simple to you. But this wasn't. Grocifresh was the unique idea where the concept was to revolutionize the logistics involved in groceries shopping online. Time saved in the process of logistics would help in keeping things fresh and delivering them to the customers in a very less time. We were supposed to build the product from all point of views including customers, employees and founders.

Core Development - Application Architecture

The client had a great idea and bringing that idea to reality was not easy for us. This involved one of the complex architectures where we were supposed to build the client product as well as the logistics involved. The technology stack which we chose for app development was Flutter for client-side app and admin app development we chose React Native and ReactJs for admin web app development. For DevOps infrastructure development we chose Kubernetes, Dockers, etc. as our technological stack to deliver highly available and highly scalable architecture.

Core Development - Client Android and IOS App

We started this project by designing the way this app will interact with the users. The UI/UX of the app was built in such a way that users don't have to make many efforts in using the app. Flutter kept UI smooth and beautiful and saved a lot of time for us in development. This app involves one of the complex features like voice search, Google Maps integration, etc. But, These technologies made this app way much easy to use than the other ones present in the market. It was too much fun to develop an app like this. We were glad to have this on our bucket.

Core Development - Admin Android App

We started this project by keeping all needs of the admin in mind. The focus of this app was to make the daily needs of admins available to them easily and securely. This was achieved through industry-level practices being implemented in this app.

Core Development - NodeJs Backend

We started building this project by keeping in mind all the major requirements associated with the project. We kept in mind the architecture of the app should be scalable for future upgrades. All the things were implemented in a very secure manner. The security of the application was our priority. So we kept all the operations involved very secure so that we don't have any loopholes present in our NodeJs backend.

Core Development - DevOps Architecture

We had a great responsibility of keeping this app way too secure because trust is what matters for us. For this, we implemented one of the most secure and scalable infrastructures using modern DevOps methodologies. This infrastructure was tested roughly for its scalability and performance and was found 100% trustworthy for keeping its users safe and secure along with the speed of using the same.






April 15, 2021